Sashti Viratham-Tamil Devotional Movie-Watch Online for free

Movie:Sashti Viratham-Tamil Devotional Movie-Watch Online for free
Cast : Sivakumar, Poornima Jayaram, Y.G. mahendran, S.V. Shekar, Nithya, Tulsi
Producer: C. Dhandayuthapani
Dialogues :Thuyavan
Music Director :Shankar-Ganesh
Director : T. Thyagarajan

‘Sashti Viratham’ is the story of Valli’s (Poornima Jayaram) immense faith on Lord Murugan. Due to her faith and devotion a rich stranger who doesn’t have a family, nominates her as his inheritor, as he wants his wealth to be used in a proper manner. Taking it as Lord Murugan’s gift, Valli too accepts the wealth and starts using it for good deeds. In comes a conman Senthil (Sivakumar) and two notorious characters Mahesh (Y.G. Mahendran) and Shekar (S.V. Shekar). Mahesh and Shekar are her sister Nithya (Nithya) and Tulsi’s classmates. They get married to Nithya and Tulsi and Senthil gets married to Valli. All the three along with Nithya and Tulsi plan to swindle Valli’s wealth. How Valli’s faith in the Lord saves her from these criminal’s and how finally all of them realize their mistakes forms the crux of the story.

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