Satrumun Kidaitha Thagaval-Tamil Movie-Watch Online for Free

Movie:Satrumun Kidaitha Thagaval-DVD-First on net-Watch Online for Free
Cast:Kanal Kannan, Bharathi, Sriman, Kushboo, Livingstone, Kausalya, Sethu, Ajay Rathnam, Karunaas, Manohar
Direction:Bhuvanai Kannan
Production:S. Baskar

A sequence of murder takes place in the city and a cop (K S Ravikumar) steps in to investigate them. Meanwhile, Shiva (Kanal Kannan) comes out of a mental asylum. It is concluded that a lunatic is behind all these murders. Shiva manages to enter the house of a film director (Livingston). His wife (Bharathi) is all alone. She suspects him to be the mentally-challenged man on murder trail. Meanwhile, the police zeroes in on a psychiatrist doctor (Kushboo) to be responsible for the murder. In the court, she spills the beans that a young girl who had a disturbed childhood was indeed responsible for the deaths. Shiva eventually comes to know that it was none other than the film director's wife. What the noble-hearted Shiva does to bring her back to normal life forms the rest.

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what happened? i'm not able to watch the movie.
Please can you post the links.
anyway thanks.

Thanks for comment.Video Updated.Enjoy
tamiltubevid team

it's a very nice movie with a different concept too.I enjoyed it a lot and thanks for uploading.

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