1977-Tamil Movie-Watch,Download for free-Good Quality

Movie:1977-First on net-Good Quality-Tamil Movie-Watch,Download for free
Cast:Sarathkumar, Farzana, Namitha, Jayasudha, Vivek, Rohith, Radha Ravi, Rajkotti, Vijayakumar, Ilavarasu
Direction:G N Dhinesh Kumar
Production:R Sarathkumar
Release Year:1977


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Part 2

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Part 1
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The movie begins at a fishing hamlet in Tamil Nadu where an elderly Rajashekar (Sarath Kumar) is worshipped as ‘God Father’ by many. His amiable ways of living won him many friends. His son Vettrivel (younger Sarath Kumar) is an acclaimed scientist. He is received with gusto by the whole village after he returns winning awards from Central government.Unfortunately a glance at a vernacular on a new report on Malaysia shocks Rajashekar, who immediately develops cardiac arrest and dies. Vettrivel comes to know about the incident and decides to unravel the mystery behind his death. He sets off to Malaysia. Vettrivel gets acquainted with a local reporter Inba (Farzana), who falls for Vettrivel. With her help, he finds find out a disturbing truth about his father’s life. Rajashekar is former police officer in Malaysia who falls to the conspiracy of a baddie and arrested for no fault of his. Rajashekar eventually pays the price for being honest by losing his family and settles down in Tamil Nadu with his young son.In his quest to prove that his father is innocent, Vettrivel re-opens the case and gets the help of Chandhini (Namitha) a lawyer who is the daughter of erstwhile public prosecutor. He also finds his mother (Jayasudha) in the process. The rest of the movie is all but how Sarath Kumar rewrites history – proves that his father is innocent and avenge the bad elements.

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most horrible movie you could ever see.

The director is a nut case to make a movie like this. spend you time somewhere else. I wouldn't watch this movie, even if the director pays me few crores.

ok movie thanks for uploading

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