Arul-DVD Tamil Movie-Watch online for free

Movie:Arul-DVD Tamil Movie-Watch online for free
Cast: Vikram, Jyothika, Chaya Singh, Pasupathy, Saranya, Rekha, Sujatha
Direction: Hari
Production: Ajay Kumar
Music: HarrisJayaraj

The movie takes place in Coimbatore. Vikram, born in the family of goldsmith works in a factory. He leads a carefree life. A verbal dual between a local party worker and Vikram results in a clash between the local MLA (Virumaandi fame Pasupathy) and Vikram. In a tussle, Pasupathy is battered to death by Vikram who surrenders to the local police. Vikram manages to escape from the clutches of police following reports from a doctor that Pasuapthy had a natural death. Thereby Vikram incurs the wrath of Pasupathy’s brother, played by Kollam Thulasi, a noted Teleugu actor, an influential politician.Eventually Vikram takes the responsibility of cleaning up the city and forms his own group who by violence bring things to order in Coimbatore.The big disappointment in the movie has been Harris Jeyaraj’s songs. Harris Jeyaraj, whose tunes caught, the attention of many in movies like Saamy and Kovil, fails to impress. The tunes are ordinary and re-recording, jarring too. The director seems to have banked on Vikram’s image as an action-hero. Vikram, thanks to his styles add pep to the movie. He has tried his best to bring conviction to the role with his screen presence.

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