Billa 2007-Tamil DVD Movie-Watch Online for free

Movie:Billa 2007-Tamil DVD Movie-Watch Online for free
Cast: Ultimatestar Ajith, Nayantara, Namitha, Prabhu, Rahman, Pandu, Santhanam
Direction: Vishnuvardhan
Production: L Suresh
Music: Yuvanshankar Raja

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The story begins with a sadistic underworld don David Billa (Ajith Kumar). Most-wanted gangster, hiding and operating out of Canada, on the top of Interpol’s criminal list. DSP Jayprakash (Prabhu) has spent a huge chunk of the last few years looking for the elusive Billa. He has left a life behind in India, only to base himself in Canada and strategise the capture of the man who has 50 high-profile crime cases slapped against him.The Malaysian team is headed by the DSP who wants to break the back of the operations of the Underworld Dons. He believes that capturing the dangerous and elusive underworld don, David Billa, will be the most EASIEST thing in the world. Billa's gang consist nobody, it's a one man gang!! During a chase with the police Billa is seriously wounded after an accident and dies in front of the DSP. The DSP then secretly holds a burying of Billa. Enters an Interpol Officer Gokulnath (Rahman) who is assigned to work with DSP Jayaprakash to capture elusive Billa as no-one knows of Billa's death. DSP Jayaprakash keeps the death of Billa as a secret even from his fellow officers, and tracks down a look-alike called Saravana Velu, a lowly pick-pocket(also played by Ajith Kumar). He asks Velu to infiltrate Billa's gang by pretending to be Billa. In return he will make sure that the child Velu adopted, Karan gets a proper education. The DSP trains Velu and sends him back to Billa's gang as a person who has lost his memory (Amnesia). Slowly Velu starts to learn about Billa's Gang and even speaks to Jagdish on the phone. Velu provides a pen drive with the secret information of the crime network to the DSP, but he is about to be killed by Sasha. At this juncture, DSP arrive and tell her that he is Velu and not Billa. Later Velu secretly provides information to the DSP about a meeting of Billa's Network and C.j overhears his conversation. He accidentally kills C.J. A shootout occurs at the party and the DSP is secretly killed by Jagdish, leaving his gun behind. Velu finds the DSP's body and the gun, but is taken into the custody of the police team, now headed by Interpol Officer Gokulnath. He argues during interrogation that he is Velu and not Billa to Gokulnath. Velu mentions a piece of evidence - the pen drive which may prove his innocence but the pen drive is no where to be found. Unable to prove is innocence, he escapes from a police van mnaking the police to run after him too. He phones to Gokulnath and ask him to meet at the Aero bridge. Here it is revealed that Gokulnath is none other than the Underworld Crime Don Jagdish and he is the one who killed Jayprakash. Officer Anil Menon apparently had the Pen drive all along and strikes a deal to get hold of Jagdish. Meanwhile Sasha is been kidnapped by Jagdish and Jagdish wants the pen drive in return for it. Velu meets Ranjith and gives him a second pen drive with the same data, but corrupted, but when Ranjith tries to kill Velu, a scuffle ensues making Ranjith fall from the top. In a final confrontation, Jagdish fights with Velu, by the time police arrives. Jagdish posing as Gokulnath asks the police to arrest Velu as Billa but gets shot by the squad of police and dies as the police have wired the entire conversation between Jagdish and Velu, thus proving his innocence. Velu finally hands over the original pen drive to Officer Menon

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