Inimey Nangathan-Tamil Animated Movie-Watch Online for free

Movie:Inimey Nangathan-Tamil Animated Movie-Watch Online for free
Direction: Venkybaboo
Production: Sridevi
Music: Illayaraja

Inimey Nangathan-Watch Online for free

Vicchu, Varathu, Vaithi and Venkat Govind; four friends from a small village, earn their livelihood from "Kathakalakshepam".They are guided by an old lady to meet a Swamiji in his adode deep in the mountains to fulfil these wishes. After overcoming some interesting obstacles on their way they meet the Swamiji.To their suprise the Swamiji has a problem helping them as he needs to get back his Holy Maala which is guarded by a Rakshas in a Cave.. The big adventure starts with interesting creative themes.The glittering gold house in the mysterious cave evokes greed in our friends. In the motive of killing their friends for taking sole possession of the complete fortune, the three Varathu, Vaithi and Govind, get themselves caught in exciting and funny incidents in the cave. Vicchu, who conquers his greed, wins the swamiji's blessings.

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Thanks for tamil animated movie, Inimey Nangathan. I could not find anywhere this movie, but in your site, it was easy to find.

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