Yaavarum Nalam-Tamil Movie-Watch,Download for free

Movie:Yaavarum Nalam-Tamil Movie-Watch,Download for free
Cast:Madhavan,Neetu Chandra,Saranya, Poonam Dhillon
Music:Shakar-Ehsaan Loy
Direction:Vikram K.Kumar
Release Year:2009

Part 1

Part 2

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Part 1
Part 2

Manohar, an upwardly mobile middle class Indian, moves into a new apartment - 13B on the 13th floor with his family fulfilling one of his life's biggest dreams. But the family is greeted by a series of small trivial incidents that could be regarded as inauspicious but are shrugged off by the excited Manohar. The women in the family oblivious to any unseemly coincidences get hooked on to a new TV show "Yavarum nalam" (All's Well).The show is about a family eerily similar to theirs who have also just moved into a new house just like they have. As the serial unfolds, Manohar notices that the incidents that happen in the serial are a reflection of what has happened to Manohar and his family. Initially all the episodes are happy with all good things happening, reflected similarly in Manohar's life. The rest of the family remains oblivious to the similarity and Manohar prefers it that way to avoid panic.As Manohar fights the uneasy feeling in his mind, things start taking a turn for the worse in the serial. He is now terrified that the same would happen to his family as well. Manohar now wants to know who is behind the making of this serial and what their intentions are. As Manohar explores the mysterious happenings, he unravels a deep and unholy secret.

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