Shivaji-The Boss -Tamil DVD Movie-Watch Online for free

Movie: Shivaji-The Boss -Tamil DVD Movie-Watch Online for free
Cast: Super Star Rajini Kanth, Shreya, Suman, Vivek,
Direction: Shankar
Production: Saravanan, Guhan
Music: A R Rehman

Watch Online Shivaji - The Boss -Tamil Movie for Free

Shivaji is a US returned NRI who wants to do something for his motherland, but a corrupt system prevalent in the country put many impediments in his quest for the same. Suman, the man in a white costume with a wicked heart tries to kill Shivaji in every possible way. The remaining portion of the film is about how Shivaji overcomes all these hurdles and does good for the people, by flushing out all black money circulating in the economy.

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