Kanthaswamy-VCD Tamil Movie-Watch online for free

Movie:Kanthaswamy-VCD Tamil Movie-Watch online for free
Cast:Vikram,Shriya Saran
Music:Devi Sri Prasad
Director:Susi Ganesan

The film opens as normal film showing ordinary people flocking to a Murugan temple which has become famous as all their wishes can be fulfilled at the temple. The people wrote their wishes in a piece of paper and tie it to a tree in the temple.

Kanthaswamy (Vikram) dressed as a rooster picked up the letters of the ordinary people from the tree and in a Robin Hood way provides cash and succor. This made the local DIG (Prabhu) feeling some what unnatural and he starts investigating about it.

At the same time there is a brave and daring CBI officer Kanthaswamy (Vikram), and he has the IQ of a genius, the strength of a bull and speed of cheetah. He is on the mission to uncover black money and illegal wealth of rich and corrupt Indians saved in foreign banks and he believed these are responsible for all the crime in our society.

He conducts a raid in the palatial bungalow of Pallur Paramajyothi Ponnusamy or PPP (Ashish Vidhyarthi) and finds unaccounted cash and documents of various foreign deals over Rs 1000 crore. Shriya plays the role of villain’s daughter and she swears revenge on Kanthaswamy and pretends to fall in love with the hero.

The introduction scene of rooster Kanthaswamy where he comes crashing through the dome of a police station and plays around with the bad comic cop is terrific. The highlight of the film is Kanthaswamy dressed as a woman and teaching Charlie and Mayilsamy a fitting lesson is hilarious. The blindfolded action scenes in Mexico are stunning.

What is the connection between masked crusader Kandasamy and the CBI officer Kanthaswamy? Why is the CBI Joint Director Krishna Rao (Telugu actor Krishna) protecting Mr. Kandasamy? Can the villains- PPP, Rajmohan of RMG group, and Mexican Pitchumani (Alex) expose and bring Kandasamy to trial? Will the DIG succeed in proving that Kandasamy is no God? The underlining message in the film is, “Money (read black) is the root cause of all evil”.

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eppadipa entha padatha pakkiringa..im trying to see everytime..im getting bored within 10 minutes..also im feeling sleepy

an excellent movie with a good story but the screenplay isn't really good and shreya's character suited more for nayanthara, so the heroine selection is bad and also comedy is too weak but music is good.
The movie gives a good message so just for that I can watch it again.
Thanks for uploading

kanths samy is a good film good song vikram shreya act well

ithellam doopu

kanthasamy floopu

how is it

people can watch it once sine we dont have any choice. there is no real good tamil movie on the big screen.

draggy..yet d movie was good..3/5

massilamanai, ayan.padikkadavan,nadodigal.gal.gal.gal
ithellam toppu
khandaswamy floppu
ithellam toppu khandaswamy floppu

ithu eppadi irukku???

Excellent message in this movie even though i felt that the portrayal of the 'Kandhasamy' character while overcoming evil people was slightly overdone.The message given in this movie is very true about India and i realise this when i look at the German Tax structure and social structure which promotes equality among all irrespective of profession and how 'black money' is an important factor which distinguishes the developed world from the developing world and other third world nations.Wealth is useful only when shared.I hope that the producers of this movie and the other actors in this movie will implement the smae in their lives and not stock 'black money' for themselves from the profits they earn in this movie.-Lorenz David Vasanth,Frankfurt,Germany.

simple movie yet wit a great n meaningful message...credit goes to d entire crew of " kandhaswamy"...:-)especially 2 Susi & Vikram..

How on earth do people watch this movie? I dozed off halfway through the movie. Its absolutely draggy and boring. As much as i like vikram, I hate to say this movie is crap though the motive behind it is of good deed and morally right. Yet, its boring.

good movie with a good meesage. i hope people will carry out the message sent to us.

very good movie
go for it

gud movie..excellent message......intha movie track marama poguthu pa...athu mathiri tamil movie varathu romba very gud...

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