Madarasi-Tamil Movie-Watch Online for free

Movie:Madarasi-Tamil Movie-Watch Online for free
Cast:Arjun, Gajala, Jagapathy Babu, Vivek, Vedhika, Haarika, Manisha
Production:Subha Sandeep
Music:D. Imman
Release Year:2006

Arjun (Kasi), comes to know that the killers of his parents are living in Mumbai and goes there. With the help of his friend (Vivek), a taxi driver, he begins a search for them. Meanwhile, at Dharavi comes across Anjali (debutant Vedika) and falls in love with her. He steps in to save their family from goondas who threaten to sell their house at a low rate.

Meanwhile, Kasi manages to trace the killers and bumps off two while another escapes. Coming to know about his dare devil acts, Ravi Bhai (Raj Kapoor) decides to have him in his gang. Meanwhile, his rival gang led by Mani Bhai (Fesfi Vijayan) often ends up fighting with them. Siva (Jegapathy Babu) works with Mani Bhai. Several plans of Ravi Bhai to kill Mani Bhai gets thwarted by Siva.

While Siva ends up marrying Meena (Gajala), Kasi expresses his love to Anjali and both decide to marry. After a series of events, both Kasi and Siva end up meeting each other only to realize that they both had served a jail sentence together in Vellore a few years ago. However owing to their allegiance to the bosses, they end up quarreling, waiting for opportunities to put an end to each other.

What would happen if both Siva and Kasi walk out of their gang and join hands and take on the goondas forms the rest of the movie.

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