Ninaithale Inikkum 2009-PDVD-Watch Online for free

Movie:Ninaithale Inikkum 2009-PDVD-Watch Online for free
Cast: Prithviraj, Karthik Kumar, Sakthi Vasu, Priyamani, Srinath, Bhagyaraj
Director: G. N. R. Kumarvelan
Music: Vijay Antony
Lyrics: Annamalai, Kalaikumar, Priyan, Sheba, Prabe



Ninaithale Inikkum story is about a group of college friends and problems faced by them. Shakthi with his golden voice is the doyen of the college campus. Prithviraj is a firebrand student leader with leanings towards the left. Karthik Kumar leads the opposite faction. Priyamani is the daughter of the local MLA and a danseuse who wins numerous awards for the college with her performance. Bhagyaraj is the lecturer.

It was Shakthi s dream that these classmates should have a reunion ten years from graduation. But Shakthi dies under mysterious circumstances. His parents who both teach at the college decide to fulfill their departed son's dream and bring his classmates together for a reunion. The coming together of these classmates is an occasion for the participants to regurgitate the past and go nostalgic also reveals the truth of Shakthi death mystery.

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wahou superb and excellent movie, the story and the screenplay are amazing.Shakthi and Pritviraj are cute and handsome in the movie.
On the all a friendship and classmates subject which is very diferent.
I just loved it

Wow!!! What a nice movie!!! this is the only muvi tat iz gd out of all d muvis brought by sun pictures. some scenes brought tears in ma eyes. very gd muvi. thnks a lot 4 uploadin!!!

A very nice movie! Shakthi looks really handsome but too sad he passed away. last part of the movie really made me cry. this is the best movie i have ever senn. Thanks for uploading this movie!!!!

Ninaithale Innukum is a great movie!!! the songs are jus superb n i cried at the last part!.. Azhagai pookuthey is a fantastic song.. brought tears in my eyes :( greatest friendship movie iv'e eva watched!

GreAT quality on site just a few bugs when i full screen... first movie on tamiltubevid... amazing keep up the good work

Its reminding our college days.sakthi u r really superverb ya.I was really suffered by sakthi acting. i cannot forget this movie ever. This is ullam kekkumae part II movie.Sakthi u r great guy ya. I think mostly girls r liking ur act i think so. Me too.

Really its a superb film!u have 2 watch it!it reminds our past life ofcourse.really sakthi shouldnt have died!it made me really missing him!both the heroes were really looking handsome n rocking in the film!n the songs i've 2 mention it,all were superb especially azhagai pookuthe,superb means like that superb,it fills my heart with tears!no need 2 tel abt vijay antony,he wilalways rock only same thing he did in this film also!on the whole all did a good job!I miss Sakthi so much.......................!
hope i also should have like this friends in my future!i hope Sakthi wil do more movies lik tis with nice stories!

though it lost the flavor wen compared to orginal malayalam "class mates"....its worth watching....prithvi has done his job great again..

awesome movie.....<>
.....prithvi n shakthi'z actin iz amazin........keep rockin.,hatz off.....:)

`film is beautiful sakthi is very cute i never see a cute anna ever

superb film we like shathi acting priyamani acting ang azhgai pookada song is cute song............ gayathri and ragava

give me a download link

A script like this had to be dumbed down to suit the stupid masses. Very troubling to see the director's plight.

The day when the movie watching masses improve to accept a well told story without unnatural songs and fights, that's when stories like this will get their due.

Music and background score were very good as were the camera and cinematography.

A good movie made for the stupid Tamil masses.

what a great movie!!! i dont know some how i've missed this movie, great job shakti and p.raj. its so sad that shakti was killed by his best friend!
thanks for sharing!

Wonderful movie wer v could realise the depth of frndship......thnx to Sun pictures.Songs r awesome!!!!!!!

the story really touched me..... after seeing this i feel my friend is neary whom i missed in my 3rd year. i feel ashame of missing this movie for these much time

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