Return of the dragon-Tamil Dubbed English Movie-Watch Online for free

Movie:Return of the dragon-Tamil Dubbed English Movie-Watch Online for free
Cast:Bruce Lee, Nora Miao
Music:Joseph Koo, Bruce Lee
Direction:Bruce Lee
Release Year:1972

Tang Lung is sent from Hong Kong to Rome to help his friend's niece Chen Ching Hua and some family friends whose restaurant is being targeted by the local Mafia, which has been trying to force them to sign a contract handing over ownership of the restaurant to the Mafia boss. After their offers to purchase the restaurant are repeatedly turned down, the gangsters resort to intimidation. Tang fends off the local gangsters and wins Chen's admiration, who had initially looked down on him for his innocence. Tang had earlier been reluctant in putting all his savings into a bank and had even unknowingly went home with a prostitute while touring Rome with Chen.

The Mafia boss sends a gunman to kill Tang, but Tang defeats him by throwing wooden darts and fracturing his neck. The angry boss then takes a personal trip to the restaurant with his thugs to force Chen to sign the contract. Although they are armed with guns, Tang manages to defeat them after the boss forbids them to use the guns. Tang uses a Bo staff and a pair of Nunchakus during the fight. He warns the boss that he will take firm action against him if he continues to harass his friends. The boss then sends a sniper (the gunman earlier who now wears a neck brace) to kill Tang at Chen's apartment but he fails again. Chen is kidnapped by the boss and compelled to sign the contract at his headquarters, but Tang and his friends appear and rescue her once more.

The Mafia boss hires foreign martial artists who have trouble communicating with each other to challenge Tang Lung. Tang defeats them with help from his friends in the countryside near the Colosseum. Tang has an iconic final showdown inside the Colosseum with the Karate fighter Colt, the best of the hired fighters. Tang kills Colt, but he covers the body with Colt's white Gi to show his respect and admiration after the fight. The Mafia boss is finally arrested while the other villains are killed. Tang leaves Rome alone after bidding farewell to Chen.

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