Padikathavan-DVD Tamil Movie-Watch Online for free

Movie: Padikathavan-DVD Tamil Movie-Watch Online for free
Cast: Dhanush,Tamanna,Vivek
Music:Mani Sharma
Direction: Suraj
Release Year: 2009



Radhakrishnan (Dhanush) alias Rocky is an 10th fail youngster who is looked down upon by his father (Pratap Pothen), as the rest of the family of brothers, sister and sister's-in-law consists of all educated and well placed people. Our hero's main job is to idle away his time in a mechanic shop with his group of friends (Mayilsami, Nellai Siva and others). 'Padikathavan and 10th failed' as his father refers to him, doubles up as a petty goon when his family members are in trouble.One of his friends suggest that he falls in love with a highly educated girl, so earnestly he looks around by hovering around women's colleges. So he falls in love with Gayathri (Tamaannah) a rich girl who after a few misunderstandings and dream songs falls for him.Meanwhile there are some goons after her, as her father is Samarasinga Reddy (Suman) a deadly don in Andhra. Our hero saves her from her dad's rival (Sayaji Shinde) and follows to her home in Hyderabad, where he realizes that another Tirunelveli goon Kasi Anandan (Atul Kulkarni) has put a prize on his head!

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