Peranmai-VCD-Tamil Movie-Watch Online for free

Movie:Peranmai-VCD-Tamil Movie-Watch Online for free
Cast:Jayam Ravi
Direction:S.P. Jananathan
Production:K.Karunamoorthy, C.Arunpandiyan
Release Year:2009

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The movie revolves around Dhuruvan (Jayam Ravi), who knows everything and anything about the forest. His travails while taking a bunch of college girls on a trekking to a jungle makes up the movie. Dhansika, Maha, Liasri, Saranya and Vasundhara are the batch of girls.

The movie begins with the group of arrogant girls selected for trekking inside a forest as part of the NCC camp with Dhuruvan, who is a first generation graduate and a government employee from a tribal family. His superior Ganapathiram (Ponvannan), a forest ranger, often ridicules him and insults him referring to his community. Once Dhuruvan along with girls enter forest, everything changes.

They get struck inside the jungle and come across a group of foreign ultras who come to hamper India's mission to launch a satellite in the orbit. The terrorists led by Anderson (Roland Kickenger) plans to take a strategic location in the forest and strike the satellite with a missile.

Coming to know of their intensions, Dhuruvan along with the girls go hammer and tongs and hamper all their plans. They gel as a unit to put an end to the terrorists.

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really nice concept...tamil cinema shld move forward to produce movie like this other than masala movie.Although this movie some parts lack logic..but this proves to step tamil cinema forward.Hats off to jayam ravi and director.

my name is gayathri ............. beautiful film. my ambition is to became docter but after seeing this movie i want to become a girl who care about india. ''surely ''i will became proud indian 'i like all the who works hardly for this beautiful flim i wish all of them all the best...........................

what happnd to the people who lived in the forest ?? and i hate the tamil vannan charector... 4/5

hai i am kanagaraj in my school time same type of trackking i was going in thick forest we are going to 25 no's team jickel age we are calculated, this time i have to thank for periyanaicken palayam forester, i Have to see this movie fantastic director, and out standing performance for jeyam ravi & 5 girls realy this is the tamil movie, indian movie, here after nobodys like hollywood flim, S.P Sir pls Give me This type Of Movies kindly reqist you, viwers every indian see this movie, velliangadu forest for merku thotarchi malai, we have to spend 30days For thick forest see this movie realy happy about that memorable days

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