Sillunu Oru Kadhal-DVD Tamil Movie-Watch Online for Free

Movie: Sillunu Oru Kadhal-DVD Tamil Movie-Watch Online for Free
Cast: Suriya, Jyothika, Bhoomika
Direction: Krishna
Production: KE. Gnanavel Raja
Music: AR. Rahman


Part 1

Part 2

The story is simply about a doting wife who comes to know that her equally doting husband had a past, which involved a compelling romance. Kundavi (Jyothika) and her friends in a quaint village near Tenkasi decide that love marriage is the way to a happy and contended life. While her friends settle for rustic nobodies, Kundavi doesn’t find her Mr Right in that village. So she is pushed into a normal marriage that she doesn’t want. On the other hand, there is Gautham (Suriya) who is also strangely not keen in the marriage. But the invisible string of fate through the knot of marriage ties them together.The director smartly sidesteps the inter-lying passages that bring Gautham and Kundavi together like no adhesive could ever could. Cut to Mumbai, the two are the most romantic couple in the metropolis. Gautham by now is a leading mechanic in a car company while Kundavi too is a working woman. The two have an adorable child. And heaven could not be any nearer. It is absolute bliss.As it happens, Kundavi chances upon a diary of Gautham in which are details of his past that is at once interesting and gripping. Gautham is a rough and tough engineering student while Aishwarya (Bhoomika) is his junior in the same college. She is the daughter of a local MP. After a few run-ins, the two fall in love with dramatic intensity. So much so they decide to get married. But a few moments after the marriage, her dad takes Aishwarya away while Gautham is left bruised black and blue.Gautham cannot trace Aishwarya and circumstances force him to marry Kundavi. But now she knows of his past and also understands the force of his love for Aishwarya. So as a dutiful and doting wife, she tries an impossibility. But does it work? And what happens to Aishwarya? Who gets Gautham in the end? These are interesting imponderables that the director makes you to chew on till the denouement.

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