Madurai To Theni-DVD Tamil Movie-Watch online, Download for free

Movie:Madurai To Theni-DVD Tamil Movie-Watch online, Download for free
Cast:Arvind Vinoth, Srithika, Singamuthu, Muthukalai, Nellai Shiva, “Subramaniapuram” Rasathi
Production:K. Vimal, S. Janakisonaimuthu
Release Year:2009

Download Movie-Madurai To Theni

A youth (Vinodhkumar) decides to go to a village near Theni from Madurai to take up the job of a primary school teacher. Just before he begins his journey in a bus, he helps rescue a young girl (Srithika) from a freak mishap. Call it coincidence, both travel in the same bus.

The couple doesn't speak to each other but develops soft corner towards each other. Also there is the bus conductor (Raj Kumar), who hogs all limelight with his antics. When the girl gets down in her village, the youth follows her.

He manages to locate her house in the village and openly express his desire to marry her to her parents. All hell breaks loose. Did he manage to convince them and take the girl with him or not forms the climax.

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nice movie with a good thought
thanks for uploading

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