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Movie:Naan Avan Illai 2-PDVD-Tamil Movie-Download for free-First on net
Starring: Jeevan, Sangeetha, Lakshmi Rai, Shwetha Menon, Rachana Maurya, Shruthi Prakash.
Direction: Selva
Music: D Imman
Release Year:2009

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Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
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One might argue that even the first part too looked pretty much like a glamour parade. But, there was also the plot of the police being on the trail of this serial womanizer, his eventual arrest and an interesting courtroom battle where the accused becomes the acquitted through continuous denial and careful arguments. This element goes missing here. The law is not after him. The women who have been subject to his treachery do try to get back at him together, but it is too weak and too late in the movie to salvage lost interest. It is a timid sort of a response to a huge fraud that has been committed and is snuffed out pretty nonchalantly by the criminal; does not make for engaging viewing at all. It is as if the Casanova is walking from room to room through doors that open at a click; the women fall so easily into his trap. He moves from one woman to the next, easily accomplishes his mission and takes away a huge amount of money. It is like different episodes of the Casanova’s exploits being put together. The only connecting subplot comes in the form of Sangeetha’s character that plays a handicapped immigrant Sri Lankan widow. She is facing a tough situation regarding the custody of her only child. She needs money to settle the issue and surprisingly our Casanova comes to her aid, giving her the required amount which of course has been aggregated from his games with many innocent women. The climax too is on expected lines. He easily evades the efforts of the wronged women to corner him and escapes to some distant place where he is ready to begin his games afresh. The means that another sequel is on the minds of the makers!

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same as first movie, but lolz, time pass

superb movie which is very entertaining. Jeevan and the girls did a great job, even the concept is the same as the first one, the screenplay is diferent and amazing. So it's cool and refreshing to watch a movie like that, and also the music is good.
On the all it is a good cast for a good movie.
Thanks for uploading this movie.

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