Yaaradi Nee Mohini-DVD Tamil Movie-Download Links

Movie:Yaaradi Nee Mohini-DVD Tamil Movie-Download Links-Download for free
Cast Dhanush, Nayantara, Karthik, Karunas, Manivannan, Manobala
Direction Mithran R. Jawahar
Story Selvaraghavan
Music Yuvan Shankar Raja
Release Year:2008

Yaardai Nee Mohini-DVD-Download links-Rapidshare
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
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Vasu (Dhanush) is an unsophisticated suburban lad with average intelligence and an easy attitude. He does not care about acquiring prestigious degrees and is too relaxed to hunt for jobs. His current business is merry-making which he does well with a gang of his friends. Easily misled and completely irresponsible, his parents dismiss him as worthless. Then Vasu gets a job offer and meets a girl at a bus stop. Next day, when he appears for the job, Vasu is pleasantly surprised to find the same girl Keerthi (Nayantara) as his associate. Vasu feels happy and blessed. He is in bliss in every moment of her company, basking in the goodness of her presence.Soon, the crew leaves for a day's picnic to a place close by. There, Vasu expresses his love for Keerthi and masking his niggling fear of failure, proposes to her. Vasu learns that Keerthi is already engaged to one of her cousins. With a broken heart, he withdraws from Keerthi's life. Meanwhile Vasu's father comes to know about his son's predicament and the caring elder appeals to Keerthi for his troubled son. However, an irate and inconsiderate Keerthi abruptly dismisses his explanations and literally throws him out of her house. Shattered, the old man succumbs to a massive heart attack.Depressed and deprived of close connections, Vasu goes to his friend's ( Karthik) wedding arranged in a village. To his surprise and dismay, he finds Keerthi is the bride. Suddenly, Vasu gets a second chance to revive his love affair. How did he undo the marital arrangement? How did he convince the whole family including Keerthi and initiate them to accept him as the groom? What finally made them accept Vasu as the suitable groom for the gorgeous, better-educated and classy Keerthi? Well, watch YNM and you will also be convinced with the progress of events in the story.Dhanush completely wins us over with his little-boy gullibility. Naughty, notorious, witty and bitchy, with his self-created arbitrary rules, he effortlessly steals the audiences' affection and support. Therefore, when this boy-next door falls in love, fails in love and is depressed by the failure, our hearts easily melt. Similarly, when he is offered a second chance, he certainly makes us sit up with a renewed enthusiasm.

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