Kandha Kottai-PDVD-Tamil Movie-Watch,Download for free

Movie:Kandha Kottai-PDVD-Tamil Movie-Watch,Download for free
Cast: Nakul, Poorna & Sampath Raj
Direction: S Kadhirvel
Music: Dheena
Released Year: Nov 2009

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Siva (Nakul) is a happy-go-lucky youngster who hates love. He is against romance and even goes to the extent of separating those stuck in love. In contrast, Pooja (Poorna), who lives in Nagercoil, is totally opposite to Siva. She supports those who fall in love and helps them get married. Interestingly, Siva’s sister falls in love with Pooja’s cousin in Chennai. Steps in Pooja who promises to unite them. Enters Siva. He is dead against Pooja's attempts and tries to separate the love couple. But after a few encounters with Pooja, his heart softens. He develops an affinity towards her, which turns into romance. The problem however begins here.

A youth who was desperate behind Pooja ends his life. His father Annachi (Sampath) vows to spoil the happiness in Pooja's family. He starts killing everyone around her. As you would have guessed it right, Siva now gets ready to take him. He promises that he would end Annachi's menace and marry Pooja in just three days. Did he or not forms the climax.

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It's a really good movie, but the music is worst. Anyway, it is good entertainment.
Thanks for uploading.

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