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Movie:Goa-Tamil film-VCD-Watch Online for free
Cast:Jai, Vaibhav, Premji
Music:Yuvan Shankar Raja
Director:Venkat Prabhu
Release Year:21010

The movie begins in Pannapuram, a remote village near Madurai (the native place of Venkat Prabhu's family). Three youngsters Samikannu (Premji Amaran), Vinayakam (Jai) and Ramarajan (Vaibhav) are callous who spend all their time doing nothing. Their acts invite the wrath of the villagers and the village panchayat decides that the three should never meet again in future for the welfare and peace of the village.

The trio decides to run away from the village and spend few days peacefully in Madurai. When they reach their friend's place they come to know that he has married a foreign woman whom he met in Goa and that he would be flying to London soon. This results in them deciding to try their luck in Goa. They set off with a plan to lure a white woman and marry her.

They come across one Danny (Arvind Akash) who helps them with food and shelter in Goa and expose them to the party culture. Roshini (Piya) a singer in a hotel falls for Vinayakam, while Jesika (Melanie), a white lady follows Samikannu from Madurai attracted by his innocence. Now enters Dany's friend Jack (Sampath), a gay who has affinity for Danny.

Soon Danny and Jack help the trio get an image makeover and start helping them in their mission. Ramarajan's life takes a twist after he comes across Suhasini (Sneha), a rich Casino owner in Goa. They get attracted towards each other and eventually get married. But the true colour of Suhasini is revealed and he manages to escape from trouble there with the help of his friends.

Vinayakam is finally convinced by Roshini's sincere love while Samikannu gets wedlocked with Jesica. After some twists and turns in the story, all ends well and the boys return to their village to start a new life. Vaibhav has a surprise when he lands in Pannapuram in the form of Nayantara.

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