Naanayam-Tamil Movie-DVD-Watch Online

Movie:Naanayam-Tamil Movie-DVD-Watch Online
Cast:Sibiraj, Prasanna, SP Balasubramaniam, Ramya Rai
Direction:Sakthi K Rajan
Production:S P B Charan
Music:James Vasanthan
Release Year:2010



Ravi (Prasanna) lands with a job in Trust Bank, Chennai, after he helps its CEO Vishwanath (S P Balasubrahmanyam), whose valuable documents are robbed from him when he is playing golf at a recreation club in Coimbatore.

Ravi aspires to start his own business, but Vishwanath urges him to work for a while in his bank, gather experience and muster finance before venturing to start independent business. Meanwhile Ravi, who is in-charge of security system in the bank, develops a fool-proof method and urges Vishwanath to declare that his bank operations are safest in the world.

Ravi comes across a journalist Nandhini (Ramya). He falls for her instantly after coming to know that she is a divorcee. When they spend a night in a sea shore, Ravi is attacked by a gang. At the end of the fight, he is knocked down by a firm hit on his head with an iron-rod.

Next morning he wakes up to know that the attacker was Nandhini’s ex-husband. But when he reaches his house, all troubles start. Fareed (Sibiraj), an outlaw informs Ravi that Nandhini’s ex-hubby is killed by him and threatens him with photographs of Ravi bashing him at the beach.

Fareed manages to make Ravi agree for a plan in order to save him from being arrested by the police for committing a murder. He hatches a conspiracy to rob the Trust bank and seeks Ravi’s help. When he resists, he kidnaps Nandhini and threatens to end her life.

Ravi eventually agrees to his plans. Few attempts by Ravi to escape from trouble complicate the whole issue. With no other option, he sits down to draw a blue print and head the mission to rob the bank. As events unfold, he gets shocks after shocks. When Ravi sets out to confess the conspiracy to Vishwanath, he gets another rude shock from him.

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an excellent movie.It's an interesting plot and a mind-blowing concept which is very rare in tamil cinema. All the crew did a great job, even the heroine gets a good role.
Thanks to the director to give us such a beautiful movie,must watch.
Thanks tamiltubevid, for the dvd quality.

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