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Movie:Thamizh (tamil) Padam-Watch Online
Cast:Shiva, Disha Pandy
Release Year:2010

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Tamil Padam, parody mockumentary comedy film. This movie took a comical dig at some of the clich├ęs that a typical Tamil cinema hero would follow.

some of them: ‘Thou shall worship the Mother over all Gods. Thou shall not let thy sister’s feet touch the ground. Thou shall fall in love and marry a rich girl irrespective of how poor you are. Thou shall sing and dance with her in exotic foreign locations. Thou shall fight against corrupt politicians and gangsters even if they are your girlfriend’s daddy.’

The film starts with the spoof of the popular tamil film Karuththamma where a person tries to kill a just born baby. The baby is saved by its grand mother who takes it to Chennai. He then emerges as a hero Siva (Shiva) who answers to the miseries faced by people around him. Siva always spends his time with his friends, Nakul (M.S.Bhaskar), Siddharth (Manobala) and Bharath (Venniraadai Moorthy). First, Siva attacks some rowdies in a market who try to rape a girl. Rowdies gang leader Devaraj (Seenu) (imitation of mammootty's character in Thalapathi) visits his assistants and he discover that they are attacked by Siva . Next day, Siva visits Devaraj (he dresses and speaks like 'Baasha' Raghuvaran). Siva shows him that he gets scared of his own friend (who is dressed and imitates vikram's Kanthasamy). Devaraj runs away. Siva decides to kill Swarna, a foolish lady rowdy (he knows her by seeing the photo like Ghajini Surya). She kidnaps a boy (Ayyappan) and tries to rape him. In time, Siva comes to rescue and kills Swarna. He also falls in love with his classmate, Priya (Disha Pandey) whose father Kodeeswaran (Azhagu tv actor) is a politician like a typical Tamil film. When her father questions about the status of the hero, the hero challenges him (Annamalai) and becomes a millionaire within a minute. Consequently, the father agrees for their marriage. Siva next tries to kill heren Sankar (Delhi Ganesh) by doing the circus tricks (imitation of Kamal's Apoorva Sagodharargal in which he kills Delhi Ganesh). He tries to throw arrows on Sankar many times but doesn't succeed, Sankar shoots himself with a gun. Siva tries to kill a fool (Mahanathi Sankar) by bulls (imitating Anniyan), but the bulls don't obey him. The fool dies of an heart attack. During the marriage ceremony, a person sarcastically hints at the hero as a person who doesn't know his own father. The hero then sets on a mission to his native village 'Cinema Patti' to find his parents. Many old Tamil movies are spoofed from thereon. He finally finds his father Mokkai (Periyardaasan) through a family song which turns out to be the english song (‘Michael Learns To Rock’ number, ‘Someday someway’). As a twist, he is also engaged as a Police Officer who is on a role in an undercover mission to kill the terrorists in the city. This is a spoof of a popular movie Pokkiri. On the way to Pondicherry, he tells about his police work to Priya. He sent a missile wrongly to the commissioner office which destroyed the building. Due to that, he got dismissed. He then worked as a security guard. The commissioner calls Siva to do the undercover operation but he rejects. When the C.M. of Tamilnadu and the P.M. of India request him on this, then also he rejects. When Obama asks him, he accepts because Obama is his family friend. When in Pondicheey, he sleeps and gets beaten by D's assistants. People who were killed by Siva are the assistants of "D". Siva kills another man with the bad odour of his sock. Priya is kidnapped by D's gang. Siva is admitted to hospital. After his recovery, he saves Priya. On the way to see D, he overcomes challenges - using rubber slippers to escape from electric shock, using a balloon to suck the air, he walks on fire by using 'karakaatam' technique. Finding D is the climax. The film ends with Siva walking happily and a quote narrated by the movie's director C.S.Amudhan that Siva walks in his own path because walking is good for health.

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very good movie it is comedy film

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