Rasikkum Seemane-Tamil Movie-Watch Online

Movie:Rasikkum Seemane-Tamil Movie-Watch Online
Cast::Srikanth, Navya Nair, Aravind Akash, Boss Venkat
Direction::R K Vidyadaran
Music::Vijay Antoney
Release Year:2010

The film is about a cunning blackmailer fallen in love with his childhood friend and wants to marry her. But when things aren’t favorable to his desires, it gets more complicated.

‘Rasikkum Seemane’ is about a conman, whose profession is about blackjacking bigwigs in town by getting into their private lives. Nandu (Srikanth) happens to be a brilliant blackmailer on conning such personalities (played by Kadhal Thandapani, Venniraadai Ramamurthy and Mayilsamy).

With a prologue set in backdrops of schooldays, it’s revealed that Nandu (Srikanth) and his classmate (Aravind Akash ) were in love with a lovely belle (Navya Nair ). Nonetheless, the young girl clearly admits that it’s not the right age for this relationship and she would marry the one , who becomes a doctor.

Regrettably, when Nandu’s father passes away, his dreams about studying medicine are put at stake. His dad’s close pal (director Vidyadharan) pulls him into the task of blackmailing, assuring him lots of money. And now, when his ladylove develops a great affinity for the other guy for becoming a doc, Nandu cannot bear his defeat and cannot afford to loose her out.

What unfolds next is a series of events that involves Nandu hatching serious plans about accomplishing his desires.

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Nice movie, thanks for uploading.

nice movie
thanks for uploading

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