Vinnaithandi Varuvaya-Tamil Movie-Watch Online

Movie:Vinnaithandi Varuvaya-Tamil Movie-Watch Online
Cast:Silambarasan, Trisha
Direction:Gowtham Menon
Music:A R Rahman
Release Year:2010

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Karthik (Silambarasan) is a Mechanical engineer aspiring to become a Film Maker. Through his friend Karthik gets introduced the cinematographer of the movie Kaaka Kaaka. With the support of the cinematographer Karthik joins as Assitant Director to KS Ravikumar. Karthik and family is staying at a rented two storied house where the house belongs to Jessie's (Trisha Krishnan) father and they stay upstairs. When Karthik meets Jessie for the first time, he falls madly in love with her. Jessie's parents are from Kerala and settled in Chennai. Karthik expresses his love and also follows her to home town Allepy. They both meet several times and Jessie also likes Karthik. Her parents came to know about this and arrange marriage for her. But she refuses to marry the groom during wedding ceremony at church displeasing everyone in her family. Their love continues and one day they break up for some reason. Karthik gets to know that Jessie got married and is settled in USA. Karthik makes a script about his own story and he starts filming it. During shooting in US he meets up with Jessie again and there the climax begins.

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very nice movie beatiful

it is nice and touchable

its really nice to watch

mokka movie! its a waste watching this movie.a real waste of money and time......

it's a beautiful love story ya..

it's a beautiful love story with a diferent ending, but I think that the clean shave look doesn't suit Simbu
But anyway, good music, even if I prefer Harris Jayraj combination with Gawtam

its a lovely movie .......those who know wats true luv is,... will surely love this film

(mokka movie! its a waste watching this movie.a real waste of money and time......

At May 06, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous

boring......) who fucker are these i never seen a movie like this new theme new story really amasing. those people are watched this movie through their ass so they comment like this......

The best of Trisha, Simbhu and Gautam Menon...
My salutes to AR RAHMAN.......

I am true to my self and saying its a good film that reflect my feelings

Really really worth watching this movie. People who sent comment by saying its boaring are crazy and they do not have a love taste. They are useless. Must see this movie

Nice movie. Those who can feel the pain of real love will like it

very nice movie, really supper

Nice Movie ..sometimes the kartik was me itself.
must see the movie ...

a movie to be watched by all lovers

sira movie ekak.I like it very much.

How Realistic Story!!!!!...Good combination gowtham & AR Rahman.Good movie.........

a beautiful movie. although at first i thought that simbhu wont suit trisha in tis movie , but words......i'm stunned by his performance n her beauty.........

Fantastic movie! Very practical and someone must have fallen in one to feel this pain.

wonderful art of love is shown in this movie

It’s an insight of Love which reveals one of the obstacles to fall short.

I'm true to my self and saying its a good film that reflect my feelings is very low i'm sorry
Good combination gowtham & A.R.Rahman very very super beyyyyyyyy

Its a nice movie...i feel to wach it again and again....good story..touching scenes..

An attempt to show what happens in real life!!! Nice movie.. Joy and pain of love is beautifully described...

tis is such a wonderful movie... de beauty of love shown very romanticly... every part n each scene make me feels deeply frm my heart.songs r superb!vidoe clip oso very nice.a wonderful movie. i reali enjoy it very very muc!

such a fantastic movie.. i luv dis movie a lot.. wonderful love is shown.. trisha and simbu s amazing.. gowtham and AR.rahman ROCKS....

its beautiful love story super simpu

Wonderful Movie.. Onlt AR Rehman Can Give Music Like This...Mesia.A

wonderful movie.. ARR is at his best.. :)

Fantastic Movie.....I really like this movie....

After long gap i hav seen a very good love story.........

Songs really nice......It is touchable to all youngsters

its beautiful love words to explain..

really very nice movie very good location

watched a love story for the first tym in my life........
and its awesome movie...

supppppppppppppppeeeeerrrrr pa i love this story iam also deep love with one girl

mokkai movie...hate this..

Fantastic movie....those who says bad abt this movie are useless to live in this world..for living without love in this world they can die...Only those who human beings knows the feel of real love will love this movie...i watched this movie five times with my love in theatre...

BEST TAMIL MOVIE ever made! as in its in another level.. trisha luks super hot.. credits to simbu goutam n rahman.. and the only reason someone cud say this movie sucks is probably if he doesnt understand tamil,, i suggest u watch a movie in ur native language. u dum fuck!

and again simbu n trisha u guys made an AWESUM couple! i swear. lol

i saw my life in dis love stroy, wat simbu charecter in dis movie is my boy friend charecter in real life, i love u ra kanna

Me too, i saw my aspiring love in this movie

Nice love story....:-)

beautiful love story

beautiful love story...

wt a love storry........this is a true love!!!!!!!!very touchable in my heart.....really i love this..

the film is superb....!!!

your not realising the movie........

this is my story....but climax would b diffrent

OH SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love rockzzzzzzzzzz.....!

much amazing movie i salute to all the members of this film which it was attained box office success.

nice movie . it is happening in my life. aa


nice movie i love it,just a couple of mos. ago also happened in my lyf.

excellent mv.............. trisha is awesome

fantastic story,, wat a beautiful feelings between them... love.. love.. love.. shud feel dis romantic love...

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