Sura-Vijay-Tamil Movie-Watch Online

Movie:Sura-Tamil Movie-Watch Online
Cast: Vijay, Tamannah, Vadivelu, Sriman, Dev Gill
Direction: Rajakumar
Production: Sangili murugan
Music: Mani Sharma
Release Year:2010

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'Sura' is a story that is set in Yaazh Nagar, a fishermen hamlet in coastal Tamil Nadu. The name of the place has a lot of political significance with the recent political turmoil over the ethnic strife in the neighbouring Sri Lanka. Sura (Vijay) is born and brought up here and he is obviously the darling of the masses in the area.

He, in the company of his friend (Vadivelu), who is another fisher folk, brings the roof down in laughter. Their one-liners are hilarious. Meanwhile, our hero comes across young bubbly Poornima (Tamannah) who chooses to end her life unable to cope with the death of her pet dog.

Slowly, as expected she gets attracted towards Sura thanks to his good deeds. Finally romance blossoms between them. When things seem to go well, trouble enters in the form of a greedy and corrupt Minister Samuthira Raja (Dev Gill). He wants to usurp the land where these fishermen live. His attempts to take away the wealth is resisted by Sura. They cross swords with each other.

The Minister hatches a conspiracy to bump off Sura with the help of his Ministerial post and authority and unleashes cops against him. But a man of guts and determination, he takes on them single-handedly. Who emerges the winner is the climax?

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I often wonder why my friends keep kidding this hero, but I believe this is why.. A man jumping out of the water as a fish...Aaaaha super appu. I will never watch this guy's movie again.

One of the worst movie in vijay's career.

can upload it in yahoo videos that will be very faster



any1 can jumb out of water if they know how to swim you plum

dont comment like a child you little boys, watch movies for fun

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