Chikku Bukku-Tamil Movie-Watch Online for free

Movie:Chikku Bukku-Tamil Movie-Watch Online for free
Cast: Arya, Shriya Saran
Music:Colonial Cousins, Pravin Mani
Direction: Manikandan
Release Year:2010

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Arjun (Arya), a London-based disco jockey, leads a happy life. Also there is Anu (Shriya Saran), who completes her MBA in a London university. One day, Arjun is forced to come to his native village in Karaikudi to ensure that his ancestral property is not sold. Also Anu too is forced to come to Madurai to meet her father who gets hurt in a mishap. The two strangers come together in a train. There begins their journey towards their respective destinations. Meanwhile, a diary of Arjun's father pops out from his bag. He browses through it to understand his dad's love life. In flashback, the movie goes back to 1985. It is revealed that Sekar (Arya) returns to his village after getting selected as a Police.

He falls in love with Meenal (Preetika). But when their romance comes to light, Sekar's family resists as caste comes in between. A dejected Sekar leaves to Police Training. There he gets acquainted with Ammaiappan (Anoop), an innocent youth who is his colleague. He comes to know that Ammayappan is in love with his uncle's daughter. Sequence of events reveals that both love the same girl Meenal. Meanwhile cut to present, Arjun and Anu after crossing several hurdles in their journey reach their respective houses. Now they realise that they have fallen for each other. Meanwhile a twist in the form of Anu’s father ensures all well end's well Anu's dad is Ammaiappan. When he realiases that Anu is in love with Sekar's son he immeadeatly approve their love. Anu and Arjun will be together.

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