Yudham Sei-Tamil Movie-Watch Online

Movie:Yudham Sei-Tamil Movie-Watch Online
Cast: Cheran, Dipa Shah, Yugendran, Y.G.Mahendra, Lakshmi
Direction: Mysskin
Release Year:2011

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The film deals with a CB-CID officer JK who is already in confusion about his missing sister. By the promise of his senior officer JK decide to open the case. Amputated Male arms are packed in cartons and displayed in public. But they did with intention that police should trace the victims. based on identification they found the arms belong to raja manikam moorthy etc. By triangulating the co ordinates they found a lead in this case. Duraipandy (Manika vinayagam) a leading textile shop owner was beaten by public because he peeps into the dressing room the victims was dr purushothaman(Y Gee mahendran) daughter suja, this case was handled by Isaki muthu a local inspector later Durai pandy manager surrended as he did it.

Mean while due to allegation of bribery Dr Purushothaman was arrested later released and a sex affair complaint was lodged against Purushotamans wife (Lakshmi), Because of this the family commited suicide by burning. But Suja the daughter was missing so JK decide to reopen the case of Dr Purushothaman.

The amputation level was increased and a police man of ACP Tirisangu Office was been decapitated and kept in front of police station. This terrified the police department. JK intensifies his investigation and trace that ACP Tirisangu was involved in this case because all crime had been happened in Tirisangu Jurisdiction.

In between tirisangu isaki muthu and his group panics that someone is tracing us. they decide to eliminate JK but their plan ended in vain. Tirisangu got JK sister in his custody, tirisangu and his group were prepared to an assault of thier followers, Pathologist Judas (jayaprakash) goes to a party of durai pandi and he threatens that your name is alleged in a illegal activity. Judas belong to the group that amputating the people of Tirisangu. Judas arrives with the group. JK finds all truth and follows judas. Tirisangu also following JK. When Judas and his group try to kidnap durai pandi and some big shots. Tirisangu arrives the plot and fires Judas. One of the member in that gang caught by JK. at the time of Death Judas tells the group which kills those criminals

Dr Purushothaman was not dead he is alive, his girl suja was kidnapped raped and shown this rape live for durai pandi and his friends in name of peep show. they also kidnapped many girls and shown to this big shots. Purushothaman saw her girl was raped and unable to bear this. In a day Suja commits suicide. Whole family decide to commit suicide but they decide to kill all the members who belong to the reason for her girl death, they kidnapped john britto the person who complained MRs Purushothaman and manikandan. they tracked raja manikam auto driver moorthy and kidnapped and amputates them. They also killed the policeman who arranges for this kidnap. after this declaration Judas dies.

The son of purushothaman was in custody of JK. Tirisangu learnt this and demands JK if he gives that son and dr family he give her sister, Unable to balance his emotions with the help of his colleagues JK brings the son of doctor to the place which tirisangu demands. The place was the actual hide out of Doctor family. JK and tirisangu both of their people are ready for battle. But Doctor and his wife make all those big shots blind and they waited for Tirisangu and esaki muthu. They kills esaki muthu and they try to come near Tirisangu he shows JK's sister. Doctor family thinks that is their girl and give up their lives to protect her. JK fires Tirisangu and killed him. The big shots handed over in court and sentenced 3 yrs and life imprisonment for durai pandi. Court suspends JK and his team mates. Nishanth son of doctor is lone survival of Doctor family by help of JK goes abroad. Curtain falls

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