Bhavani IPS-Tamil Movie-Watch Online

Movie:Bhavani IPS-Tamil Movie-Watch Online
Cast:Sneha, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Sampath Raj
Direction:G Kicha
Release Year:2011

The story turns around a strict and tough IPS officer Bhavani who is incharge of a town. An aspiring MLA and gangster Siva lingam (Kota Srinivasa Rao) holds the whole control of the same town. Bhavani takes action on his activities on strict note and this irks Siva Lingam and his gang. Siva Lingam controls from police to politicians with his power. One day Bhavani takes charge on him and his gang and as usual seen in other police stories they end up with a conflict. Vowing to take revenge against Bhavani, Siva Lingam attempts to kill Bhavani’s sister and starts giving lot of trouble and also spoils her name and fame. A series of events starts haunting Bhavani and she will be removed from Police service. The rest of the story deals with on how Bhavani overcomes all her obstacles.

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what a crappy movie..... to top it all... Sneha does the role of a cop rofl...

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