Singam Puli-Tamil Movie-Watch Online

Movie:Singam Puli-Tamil Movie-Watch Online
cast:Cast:Jeeva, Divya, Soundarya, Santhanam
Direction:Sai Ramani
Music:Mani Sharma
Release Year:2011

Siva (Jeeva) sells fish in a market, while his younger brother Ashok (Jeeva) is an advocate. The elder brother is honest and straight-forward while the younger one is a spoilt brat, pampered by their parents Vedachalam (Ponvannan) and Muthulakshmi (Kuyili).

The parents believe Ashok is sincere and obedient and always chides Siva. As it happens, Ashok in the company of friends including Bujji Babu (Santhanam) spends his time loitering behind girls.

He is a Romeo in the sense he manages to pull to the bed all women he comes across. Then there is Swetha (Divay Spandhana) who is in love with Siva. As it happens Ashok in the pretext of love spoils the life of one Gayathri (Soundarya). She eventually dies.

Coming to know that his brother is behind the crime, Siva goes to court but could not prove that he is guilty. Now a game begins between the two. Who emerges triumphant forms the climax.

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