Sundattam Tamil DVD Movie Watch Online

Movie:Sundattam Tamil DVD Movie Watch Online
Cast:Irfan, Arundhati
Production: Murali
Music: Sai Karthik
Release Year:2013

Prabha, a happy-go-lucky guy, to whom the world is the game of carrom, earns the wrath of a local gang headed by Guna after having locked horns with his men. It is later that he comes to learn that Guna is don Bakkiya's sidekick. Meanwhile, Prabha falls head over heels for his sister's best friend Kalai. However, Kalai's brother, an angry cop who has been suspended for manhandling a criminal, doesn't like the idea of seeing his sister with Prabha. Destiny has it; Prabha beats Kasi, a drug-addict, hands down in the game of carrom. The win not only earns him a reputation, but also wins him the admiration and friendship of Bakkiya and his gang. Having lost to a young player, Kasi yearns to kill Prabha. Don Bakkiya too has a sworn enemy, who wants him dead. How will Prabha save his life from the clutches of Kasi? Who is Bakkiya's enemy and why does he want him dead? And most importantly, will Prabha get to live happily ever after with Kalai? This forms the rest of the story.

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